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Delayed claim review may be grounds for legal action

On Behalf of | May 11, 2021 | Insurance Disputes

Insurance is a necessary tool that Oklahoma residents must secure in order to own certain types of property. For example, before an individual may have a motor vehicle, they may need to secure the minimum amount of insurance to protect themselves and others if they are involved in collisions. Similarly, homeowners generally must hold insurance to protect against the destruction of their property in the event of disasters.

When the unimaginable happens and an individual’s property is damaged or destroyed, they likely will turn to their insurance for financial support to get back on their feet and replace their property. Unfortunately, some insurance companies wrongfully delay the review and decisions on insurance policy claims, leaving victims in the difficult financial position of being unable to move their lives forward. In certain circumstances, a delay in the process of reviewing and approving an insurance claim may be grounds for legal action.

Delays as a sign of bad faith

It is important that readers remember reviewing insurance claims can take some time. In some insurance policies, companies may carve out timetables for how long they have to review and make decisions on claims. An insurance claims attorney can help their client look over their policy to see if any time constraints are placed on them.

However, in some instances victims may be impacted by bad faith practices undertaken by insurance companies. Insurance companies may ignore claims, refuse to fully investigate them, or reject them despite evidence to demonstrate they should be paid. Not all delays are signs of bad faith in insurance dealings, but it is possible that an individual may be the victim of bad faith insurance practices if they do not receive a timely response from their insurance company on a filed claim.

Legal options for bad faith insurance victims

Bad faith insurance practices can take on many forms. Delays are only one example of how insurance companies can mistreat the individuals who trust them with their policies. To fully understand the scope of one’s rights when it comes to bad faith insurance legal options, victims should speak with attorneys who work within this field. This post provides general information only and should not be relied on as legal advice.