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Homeowners may be able to make these claims on their insurance

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2021 | Insurance

Homeowners’ insurance is important because it can protect Oklahoma residents from losses related to damage to their properties. When a tree falls and damages a roof or a storm blows out a home’s windows, the owner of the affected property can make a claim on their homeowners’ insurance to be compensated for their losses so that their homes may be repaired. Some common reasons that property owners make homeowners’ insurance claims are accidental injuries, water damage, and theft.

There are other ways, though, that residential properties can sustain damage and be eligible for payments under homeowners’ insurance policies. This post will introduce readers to some of the more unusual types of claims homeowners may be able to be able to make against their insurance policies. It is important to note, however, that individual homeowners’ insurance policies may not cover all of the items discussed herein. When preparing to make a claim against one’s own homeowners’ insurance, it is best to seek the independent legal counsel of a trusted insurance lawyer to better understand one’s rights under their specific policy.

Objects from space

Many homeowners’ insurance policies allow property owners to make successful claims when meteors and other space objects fall on their homes. If an object falls on a vehicle, though, the owner may have to make their claim against their car insurance policy.

Accidents and ineptness

Losses incurred from stolen bank cards and other financial tools may be covered up to a limit by homeowners’ insurance policies. It is best to check with one’s policy to see what limit, if any, applies.

Owned objects in other locations

Not all of a person’s property may be in their home. They may have possessions in their vehicle or even in a dorm room. Some homeowners’ insurance policies cover losses from remote locations as well as losses from covered addresses.

What may not be covered

Not all losses sustained at residential properties will be covered by general homeowners’ insurance policies. For example, individuals who live in flood prone areas may have to cover separate flood insurance to seek reimbursement for the flood related damages. Similarly, homes that are in earthquake prone places often must be covered by separate insurance policies specific to earthquake damages.

The bottom line regarding homeowners’ insurance coverage will always be to check with one’s specific policy. This general information should not be read as applicable to all insurance policies and potential claims. When a homeowners’ insurance claim is denied, however, an individual can choose to investigate the grounds for their denial with the help of a trusted insurance law attorney.