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Preexisting conditions and life insurance

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2022 | Insurance Disputes

 In years past, health insurance companies commonly used pre-existing conditions as  reasons to deny coverage. After the Affordable Care Act passed, most insurance policies could no longer use preexisting conditions as a reason to deny coverage.

However, this is not always the case.

Grandfathered health insurance policies

Some Oklahomans may have old health insurance policies from before 2010. Some of these policies grandfathered in the old preexisting conditions language and health insurance laws.

For these people, their health insurance company could deny coverage for these preexisting conditions. At this point, this type of situation should be rare.

Short-term health insurance

Health insurance policies that last less than a year and that cannot be renewed for more than three years are called short-term health insurance. These policies can exclude preexisting conditions, but they are only available in a small number of states.

Since the monetary penalty for no health insurance has been removed, these policies are also rare as there is little reason to have one.

Life insurance policies

Unfortunately, where preexisting condition exclusions still remain common is in life insurance policies. They can, and often do, include specific exclusions for preexisting conditions, like hypertension, and they may charge you additional fees to cover such conditions, if they do not deny coverage entirely.

Insurance denials

If you are dealing with an insurance denial based on a preexisting condition, chances are your insurance company is dealing with you in bad faith.

However, for life insurance, they may be basing their denial on some actual language in your policy. This is where you may need to involve an Oklahoma attorney to fight for you. After all, your insurance company has an army of attorneys fighting for them. You need and deserve one, too.