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Can my health insurance company drop my coverage?

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2023 | Denied Insurance Claims, Insurance

Like most Oklahoma residents, you probably need health insurance to avoid paying extraordinary out-of-pocket expenses for health care and to protect yourself in case of a medical emergency.

Having a good health insurance plan can provide you with a sense of security and peace of mind. But what happens if you receive notice that your health insurance plan is canceling your coverage?

You might believe that can’t happen, but it does happen to many people each year. However, your health insurance company cannot cancel your coverage for no reason.

Understanding your rights

You have a right to know why your policy was canceled and you also have a right to written notice before cancellation. These rights apply no matter what type of health insurance you have.

If you get notice that is canceled, read the notice carefully to learn the reason why. Some health insurance plans have cancellation provisions that state your coverage can be canceled on its anniversary date.

Most health insurance policies are annual, meaning your coverage renews year-to-year. Your health insurance company can choose to not renew, but they must send you the advanced written notice. A cancellation letter due to the end of the term should not come as a surprise.

Midterm cancellations

Your health insurance company generally cannot cancel your policy in the middle of your policy term. Some exceptions to this rule include if you miss a premium payment or provided incorrect information on your application.

You are still entitled to a written notice before a midterm cancellation, so if you receive this notice, check that your premiums are current. If so, contact your insurance company to learn if there is anything you can do to reinstate your coverage.

You can appeal the decision to terminate your coverage. There are different types of appeals, so it is important to understand your options and decide which route is best for you.