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Denied coverage? Talk with an attorney

When you agree with an insurance company so that your car is covered, or so your life is backed up by insurance, or so that your home is protected in case of a terrible natural disaster or unexpected event, you will understandably expect your insurer to make good on their promise to cover you, your loved ones, and your possessions. However, this isn't always the way it goes. Sometimes your insurer will use obscure provisions in a policy to deny you what you deserve, or use outright bad faith tactics to deceive clients so that they can mitigate their liability.

A frightening insurance-related tale for Oklahomans

Just how proactive is an Oklahoma resident supposed to be in seeking to forge a contractual relationship with an insurance company? Is there a limit to how cautious and diligent such an individual must be when doing research and vetting prospective agents?

Life insurance claim denials are rare but devastating

Death is something everyone must face but few like to think about. It is difficult to let your mind go to the possibilities that might end your life or the circumstances that might take you from your loved ones. However, if your spouse cared enough to consider these things and prepared for that moment by purchasing a life insurance policy to protect you, you may have felt comforted that, at the very least, your financial needs would be met during a difficult time.

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