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Program shows other reason why some miss out on insurance money

This is an insurance law blog. Most of the content on our site is about insurance disputes that Oklahoma residents face all too often. While we are most often discussing the unfortunate reality of insurance benefit denials, a recent news story presents a less common but still real reason why local people are missing out on insurance money they deserve.

Denial of disability coverage can be hurtful, but also fought

There are various types of insurance. And the frustrating reality is that insurance can be complicated. Throw in a variety of insurance types and, therefore, a variety of complex insurance regulations, and it is no wonder that too many people face legal hurdles that seem too high to clear on their own. 

When insurers deny claims for hail damage

Roof damage from hail is incredibly common in Oklahoma. Unfortunately, it is also fairly common for insurance companies to deny claims when families claim coverage for the damages to their home. Oftentimes, these denials are made in "bad faith," meaning the insurance company should not legally have reason to deny your coverage. Do not try to shoulder the cost of home repair just because your claim was denied. Here's what you should do instead.

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