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Do common homeowners insurance claims hit home with you? Pt. 2

In a recent post on this insurance law blog, we began listing some of the most common reasons why people file homeowners insurance claims. Most people think of weather-related damage that occurs to a home, as well as issues such as plumbing problems. 

An introduction to earthquake insurance in Oklahoma

Over recent years, many Oklahomans have experienced a lot in the way of environmental events, but perhaps none of them have the immediate impact and shock of an earthquake. An unfortunate reality for many Oklahomans has been getting more accustomed to geologic activity, but many people do not know they are not as prepared as they think they are.

What are the simple points about life insurance?

Most of us have all heard of life insurance. Hopefully, most of us all have our own life insurance policies. Of course, every individual's and family's situation is unique and might make that insurance option more or less crucial. Still, for anyone to make that decision, it is valuable to first understand some life insurance basics. 

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