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Tactics an insurer might use to try to deny your commercial claim

The attorneys at the Oklahoma City insurance litigation firm of Mansell, Engel & Cole have been forcefully advocating on behalf of diverse clients dealing with denied insurance claims since 1994, with our deep legal team collectively commanding more than a century of on-point experience doing so.

What is UM/UIM insurance coverage, and how does it protect me?

Chances are that you haven't given a lot of thought to the acronym UM/UIM in your Oklahoma auto insurance policy. After all, isn't it commonly the case that we necessarily rely upon an insurance agent to simply tell us what the law mandates and what coverage levels should be printed out on the document sitting in our car's glove compartment?

Will Kanye West prevail against concert insurer?

When denied insurance claims are reported in news cycles, they common center on claims stemming from environmental disasters and powerful storms where insurers dispute whether damage was created by flooding or high winds in an attempt to avoid paying a claim.  

Oklahoma ranked 39th in health care

Individuals can encounter challenges when it comes to getting the health care they need. Examples include difficulties in getting access to certain health services and difficulties connected to the costs of such services. Among the things that can impact what challenges people face on this front is where they live, as states differ in a variety of ways when it comes to their overall health care systems.

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